Kiwis are a nutrient dense food, meaning they are high in nutrients and low in calories. The possible health benefits of consuming kiwis include maintaining healthy skin tone and texture, reducing blood pressure and preventing heart disease and stroke. Native to China, the exotic kiwifruit is quite popular in Indian. Its green flesh with tiny black seeds give it a unique flavour that will remind you of melons and berries. Besides, it has a host of nutrients that will boost your health in numerous ways. Here are a few benefits you can derive from Kiwis:

It is packed with antioxidants: Apart from being a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, vitamin C is a potent antioxidant. One cup of kiwi is a source of 164 mg of Vitamin C, which sums up to 273% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C. Vitamin C protects DNA damage caused by free oxygen radicals.

Improves good cholesterol (HDL) levels: Kiwi does not just lower bad cholesterol but also works on increasing the levels of good cholesterol in people with heart disease. A study showed significant improvement in HDL levels in heart patients with just 8 weeks of kiwi consumption.

Improves your lipid profile: Vitamin C is not the only antioxidant present in kiwifruit. It also contains Vitamin E along with some polyphenolic compounds that together protect the heart with their antioxidant properties.

Reduces inflammation: Kiwi is loaded with the goodness of vitamin C, a strong an-inflammatory agent. Kiwi is a fruit that you just can’t miss out if you’re suffering from inflammatory diseases like arthritis. Not only will it help reduce inflammation but also prevent selling of joints. It will also prevent the disease from progressing and worsening further.

Helps relieve constipation: Kiwi is one of the fiber-rich fruits you can include in your diet for getting rid of constipation and increasing the frequency of bowel movement. Those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can also benefit from this exotic fruit as it helps relieve stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation and most of the other irritating symptoms of IBS .


Kiwi Juice

Treat sleep disorders:If you’re having sleepless nights, it’s a good time to munch some kiwis as they are rich in serotonin, a substance linked to improved sleep quality.

Keeps cold and flu away:If you’re vulnerable to recurring cold and flu, you probably need to boost your immune system with fruits like kiwi. Those suffering from cold and flu can also include the fruit in their diet to fasten recovery and help the immune cells to work better.

Protects your eyes:As you grow old, your risk of suffering from age related macular degeneration (ARMD) increases. But if you start eating kiwi today, you risk in later life will be reduced greatly. Kiwi has antioxidants and vitamins that protects your vision from long-term damage and also slows down the progression of ARMD.

Here are some handy tips to add kiwi fruit into your diet:

  • Cut a ripe kiwi in half, leaving the skin on and eat each half with a spoon, using the skin as its own natural bowl.
  • Make your own fresh tropical fruit cocktail and include kiwis, pineapple and strawberries.
  • Drizzle a small amount of honey on top of the fruit mixture for an extra sweet treat.
  • Make a green smoothie with kiwi, figs and honey
  • Freeze slices of kiwi and eat them as a snack or dessert on a hot day.
  • Dice up kiwi and use as a summer salad topper over a bed of ice-berg or lettuce , walnuts, cold paneer, diced apple, feta cheese and a light vinaigrette dressing.
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