Simply follow these tricks:

  1. Sugary snacks should not be taken as a meal or an option when you are hungry, doing this will trigger the cravings to eat more of sugary snack.<>/p

  2. Learn to distinguish; a dark chocolate is a better option than a milky chocolate, if you want to have a chocolate, don’t add calories in a few seconds for taste of tongue.

  3. Eat a sweet after meals. After having meal its natural you will have sweet in less quantity, try adding good source of protein to your meals as this will diminish the impact of sugar in the body.

  4. Compensate, if you are sure you will have sweets after meal, try not to include starchy food like pasta. Rice breads in your meals, sweets will add to enough starch

  5. Try taking your attention to other things which you enjoy as watching TV, going for a stroll, or reading.

  6. It is all about MODERATION Eat what makes your soul happy but learn to manipulate

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