Ayurveda has guideline for drinking water and we thought no technique is required for drinking water. Just like the rules for eating, there’s a way to drink that helps your physical body flourish. It’s more than just glass to mouth and gulp.

With a little bit more awareness, the way in which you drink water can seriously be a life-changer. For me, it meant not having to race to pee all the time. For a client who also heeded the advice it meant no more massive and uncomfortable post-meal burps. For another client, drinking water the right way meant no longer feeling painfully full after eating a normal amount of food. And this all came with such simple, minor change.



The Ayurvedic way to drink water:

  1. First off, sit down to drink (just as its best to sit down to eat).
  2. Take sips, not full-glass in one go. Small sip, swallow, breathe. Repeat.
  3. Sip water throughout the day. If you gulp too much water at once your body doesn’t actually absorb all of it. Most of it will run right through you.
  4. Drink at least room temperature water. Warm is even better. Cold and iced water literally douse the digestive fire.
  5. Only sip a small amount of water with your meals. If you drink too much while you eat, your belly won’t have enough room for digestive action. Remember this rule: fill your stomach 50% with food, 25% with water, and leave 25% empty for the digestive juices and process.
  6. For the same reason, don’t drink loads of water before or after your meals. Fill 50% with food, 25% with water, and leave 25% empty
  7. Drink when you’re thirsty. Thirst is a natural urge that should be heeded. It means your body needs water.
  8. As far as how much, we’re all different sizes with varied diets and lifestyles. One set rule of eight glasses a day simply cannot apply to everyone. Naturally, the miraculous human body has its own built-in measuring system: thirst. If you’re thirsty, drink water. When you listen to thirst cues and sip water throughout the day you’ll be drinking the right amount.
  9. Your urine is a secondary confirmation to know if you’re amply hydrated. It should be fairly clear and straw colored. If it’s dark yellow you need to drink more.
  10. Your lips are yet another indicator. If they’re dry you might be dehydrated.
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