sonia1 I was a proud mother of 2 sons at age of 30 but I was unhappy with my lifestyle and increasing fat on my body. One day while looking at myself in the mirror, I decided to change my life for good. I did extensive research on fitness and weight loss. I experimented for a few months and realized that I needed professional training to achieve my goals. I underwent extensive training from various professionals and institutions. It took me 10 years of learning and teaching to attain a level wherein I can help those who want to shed off unwanted fat effectively. From an overweight mother to a beauty pageant official fitness expert, my journey has been full of challenges and determination. Today, I am known for my fitness and health success which is fuel to my fire to go on.

My personal philosophy to which I strongly adhere:
I love my body: I eat to nourish it, to build and repair tissue, to improve the function of my vital organs, to provide energy for my day, to increase my longevity. I do not eat to deprive, to malnourish, to obsess, or to damage my body.
Training is a habit: It is a part of who I am. I go to the gym as part of my daily routine and do not alter my life around my gym schedule.

I stick to this philosophy every single day and always prioritize my life.

  • Everyday, I am grateful for my husband and kids who believe in me even when I doubted myself; who are the foundation of my very being.
  • Everyday, I am grateful for my true friends who provide daily laugher, joy, and comfort.
  • Everyday, I am grateful for my health.
  • Everyday, I am grateful to MAA AMBA for blessing me with all above

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